ROFL, this is my first word. Muahaha… why am I saying this? Well, today’s quite a nice and fun day. Critique with Kins was kinda cool, gave us more nice ideas to add on our AD, and when his class ended, I packed my stuff, as I was packing up, I saw the rest gathering around Sam Goh. Each time they stick near the monitor, they laughed. Curious me went and see whats going on and I joined in with them. Sam Goh installed a software to change your face shape to different type. Well, had 6 shot of it and found this very interesting and funny.

After that, we rushed to Consumer Behavior’s lesson. Was our first day with Mr Low as Mark Loo left for Canada.Everyone thought Mr Low was a fierce lectu rer, but somehow, everything was the opposite of what we’ve imagined. Today’s class was the best of all class I can say. As Mark Loo taught too quick, it’s hard to follow up and he stress us with questions. After class ended, when we were discussing where to have our dinner, I somehow asked the lecturer to join us “Yum Cha”. Shockingly he agreed and joined us at Ming Tien. Chat with us and shared his experience. He say he has an elephant memory. Can remember things very well and grab stuff very quickly. And Indeed, just around 3 hours lesson, he already know around 20 of us and remember each and everyone of our full name. Well, hope to meet more of this kinda lecturers.

Hehe… there are many friendly lecturers, just most of them would never mix with students. Mr Low is one of the friendly lecturer’s that I’ve met in college, and can say the earliest who mixed around with the students. Muahaha… I hope the lessons to come would be more enjoying.


Twin Sasa & One Eyed Sam Monster

Twins are special in this world…


We might look Different, but together, we unite as One

No…… No!!!~

Em` Whatcha looking at er…

thats all for now,
more updates to come ~.


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