battle with the faith & Father’s Day

Old people say, when you take something, you have to return something, well, this is what I’ve thought about when few incident happened few days ago.
Well, I’ve always felt that I am a very lucky person as I’m always lucky. Well, maybe not now, as last friday was a BAD BAD LUCK DAY for me. It all started where I started messaging my friends, trying to look for someone to buy me a ticket back to hometown on friday noon, well, it’s okay and I don’t blame them as everyone was busy. I don’t mind, and I don’t blame anyone. Well, I feared that I couldn’t make it back on so I rushed to the Puduraya just after Publication tutorial lesson ended.


caption: The most work posted in one small tutorial group. OMFG!!!

Reached there around 4:05pm. Rushed to the ticket counters to look for available tickets, the buses that I usually prefered to take were (First Choice) Sri Maju & Plusliner, (Second Choice) Transnational & Kesatuan. These buses are those that I normally would choose as the time of departing and reaching are mostly punctual.
Bad luck as I’ve said, no more bus ticket, Puduraya was crowded, I have no choice but to look for other company buses, those that are nor fermiliar. I saw a chinese guy standing at the counter, asking me whereabout I wanted to go, I said “Ipoh“, he said “Got, NO BAS , NO BAS KILANG/PEKERJA
Okay… I asked how much and he said RM15.
It’s RM 1.60 extra from normal price, hmm… should be okay. Then he asked the malay girl to write me a ticket, the girl looked up and said “Sorry lar… 4.30pm HABIS. Pukul 5.30 Boleh?” (translate: Sorry, 4.30 ones are sold out, mind to take 5.30?) Well, without thinking more, I just noded. It’s very crowded in there, settled it and left there quickly, bought a newspaper and headed to Nando’s for my lunch.


caption: a sexy looking glass 🙂

I called mum and informed her about my bus ticket which was at 5.30. She said okay, so I slowly have my lunch there. After finishing, I left and went back to the station, where I have to be at the Platform writen on the ticket atleast 15 minutes before departure so that I will not miss it. Well, I normally reach 30 minutes earlier, so I waited…

5.30pm…. why no bus? Jam? Hmm… maybe, alot of people going back. Be more patient and wait.

5.40pm… An old uncle walked near me “Excuse me, are you heading back to Ipoh? How come the bus is not here yet?” I have no Idea as well. Kept waiting…

6.00pm… Impatient… GAH!!!! 30 minutes delay… where is the damn BUS !!!

6.05pm… A guy on red shirt came down from the stairs yelling “IPOH IPOH IPOH“, I rushed to him, showed him my ticket, he said “Wait“, then he check the uncle’s ticket, and said “Wait” as well. Checked an Indian guy’s ticket and told him “Follow Me“. I was shocked/tired/angry I took a glance at the indian guy’s ticket and shouted “WHAT? My bus was suposed to be 5.30pm and now its 6.05pm you asked me to wait? His one is the same and you ask him to follow?
Stupid Malay Pig Guy said “your bus not same, you wait
No reaction he left.
Nvm… I looksed at the Uncle and told him, they are getting worse, and I said I wanna complain. The uncle followed me and we stomped up to the counter where we bought the ticket.
Stupid Chinese Guy apologized and wrote me another bus number and asked me to go to that platform at once, somehow another stupid guy came and snatched the ticket and said “RM15 Mana BOLEH, RUGILOH!!!”  and walked away…
So WHAT now?
erm… pay RM5 more okay? Just RM5 more and can leave at once.
YAYA bla bla… ok, paid, changed ticked and left to platform 21.


caption: My bus ticket, look at the RM20, behind it is RM15 writen with pen. They collect the ticket back so no one will have proof to complain, grow UP! It’s the millennium. We have camera phones & Digital Camera. BODOH!!!

caption: The man who sat beside me knew the Sri Maju’s Boss, he said he wanted to complain about people using this company name to sell, so I snapped this down as a proof as well. Please Take ACTION~

DAMN!!! Another Idiot. Stupid beggar looking freak, holding walki-talkie pretended to be searching for the bus, asked me to wait, the bus is not here yet… and he scolded the “Uncle” So angry with him, you’re doing a  business and now you are so arrogant.


caption: Cacat red shirt guy is the stupid chinese arrogant old man who look like a beggar and the white shirt guy is the old uncle.

Fine…. waited again…
Yea yea,… finally he yelled “IPOH IPOH” the same Malay Guy that asked me to wait just now called out, suddenly from no where around 40 or 50 people came near, we were took out from pudu, I thought the bus was there then, was already almost 7.00pm. Walked out and shockingly, he asked to wait again….
Stood outside there where most of the Double Decker Buses parked below the LRT lane and waited stupidly, again…. more and more people gathered up.

caption: Tiring people, waiting outside. FASTER FASTER~

WAIT WAIT WAIT… when is this freaking bus gonna come?
The Red Shirt Malay Babi came and said “Oh, sekarang jam la… jam… bus tak sempat sampai” Jam? Jam Sifat? The cars were moving, If my mum drove from Ipoh, she would have reached. Jam what?
Nvm… wait…

8:00pm…. Malay pig come “Ok, sekarang ada bus, dalam perjalanan Nombor 8604 ok, BAS SEKOLAH. Nanti sampai you naik. (I think they never really have a bus stuck in the jam, they were finding a bus but they sold us ticket, and the the bus we were suposed/arranged to take,yeah, they sold it out again”)


caption: the bus I took, SHAME ON YOU!!!

8.30pm… Saw the bus, everyone (imagine around 70 ppl, how is it going to fit into a School Bus?”) Either you go, or you wait again. Which choice?
Brain say GO!, Heart say don’t la… wait.
This time, I followed the brain. I ran to the bus, and everyone was pushing to go in, when the door was opened, everyone started pushing even harder. What should I do? I pushed my way, hugged my bag and slammed it on few oe the stupid malay pigs, and forced myself in the bus, got a seat. Ok done. I’m done.
Took a long time for the bus to start moving, they scared they will get caught so, after collecting tickets, they communicate with the rest, called to check weather any government staffs blocking the roads, which road is clear…etc…

9.00pm… Finally the bus moved. Okay… did not think much, called mum and inform her. Ok thats all.

I don’t know where that driver drove, which road he took, but as long as it’s moving, ok. Fine. Reache Ipoh around 11.38pm, climbed down, took few snap shot of the bus and headed to where mum was waiting. When I was up in the car, told mum about everything happened, and when mum reminded “You don’t push lar, later ppl take your wallet how? Yeah, I was shocked, my pocket with 3 buttons, it was open, and my wallet was gone” F***! S**T!, it’s gone. Someone must have pickpocked it when I was going aboard the bus.
No point turning back, just move on home. Reched home aroun 12.05am. Mum passed me a photostated IC of mine and my L license plus my Driving license resit. Kept it in my old wallet and packed my stuff for the next day.

Saturday morning… 7:20am
woke up, took my bath, and msg G and mention to him about my wallet, asked him for Public Bank account hotline and called up to cancel my ATM card before someone take out all my money. Got that done and few minutes later when I was driving to school, he send me a message regarding the Bomb at Puduraya. I told him I left at 9.00pm, he said I was hell lucky. The explosion happened 10 minutes just after I left. It would have make the road even worse, the traffic will of course become slower. Went to school, was grading for the juniors, took some shots with the rest and the grading ended around 10.30am.


caption:During the Grading

Motiono by potterleong87Upload videos
caption:Green belt juniors doing their basics, they did it very nicely and together, looks nice 🙂

caption: me n my juniors (from left) sam, SW, JY, KR, HW.

Send one of my junior Asyikin home and went to Choon’s shop, waited for G to arrive. G knows a lot of people, including policeman, just lucky, beside there’s a police station at Kg Rapat. Went and launch a report of my stolen wallet, and the policeman gave quite a good service, I’m sure its due to G’s appearance. Took me only 10 minutes.


caption:the resit the policeman gave me and also my report

Next, picked G, Si, Christine, Neo up and went to Chemor for lunch.
Had quite a nice lunch, and sent them back, hang out at Neo’s house for an hour and Neo followed me back as she wanted to havea look at Micole. She stayed there till 6.00pm and left.


caption: Neo seemed to like Micole very much

Motiono by potterleong87Upload videos
caption: battle of Micole and Katri. Wakakakak~

Nothing much happened that day, Louis send me a sms telling me that he will be returning on the next morning (Sunday) to celebrate Father’s Day & Birthday.

Sunday morning… 8:30am
Woke up, played with Micole, Louis reached around 9.30am, went out for Dim Sum, headed back home, shared some my songs with Louis, and went out again around 11:00am to pick up the Cake I ordered from Felix for Dad. Louis drove me out, picked the cake, booked a table for lunch at Oversea and everyone up once we reached home. After lunch, went back and rested.


caption: Happy Father’s Day dad…. & Happy Belated Birthday to you as well

caption: close up on the cake

caption: the piece dad cut for me. THANKS!!!

caption: The most delicious “Cha Siu” that I’ve ever tasted and it costs RM12 this small plate if not mistaken. It’s at OVERSEA Restaurant.

cake cutting ceremony, hehe Dad did not expect this to come, smiled and cut the cake, ate it, and Louis left with the rest of the cake. Took it back for the kids. Well, my turn to pack stuff, chat with dad for a while, and mum drove me to the station. Bus was at 5.45pm, reached there 5.10pm. Bought ticket for 20th and 21st, back and return Ipoh <—> KL on wednesday, I need to replace my IC.
Well, I guess thats ale… now I’m back at KL.

Glad that I’m still blogging here, my brother say blogging is a waste of time, atleast I can write down what I’m feeling now, or maybe share what’s going on with my friends. I can read it back incase I lost my memory or when I’m old. I’m sure thos who blog have a little same thinking with me. Well, they don’t know what we are thinking, we were born in different year, different environment. Anyway… thanks for droping by
I appreciate everyone’s care. Thanks for asking and caring

see you around




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