new look

My hair gets long very fast… although you might think its short, but to me, it’s getting fast very quickly. So I went and cut it on the last Saturday’s return. I told Kelly that I want my hair to be cut as short as possible.
Most of them say it looks nicer. Hahaha… thanks thanks for the complement
here are some shots I took at home, oh yeah, and my dieting plan, so far… I stopped for the past month as I wasn’t feeling too well to go on with it, felt sick, so I stopped taking the pills and make myself get used to my current situation. Well, since January, I cut down 13kg. Congratulations to me, mum say it’s still way to go.
Anyway, . . . photos ::

How do I look ?

This time is the shortest I got my hair cut.

Edited and make it more Exposed with light

This is the place where I’m staying now, downstairs

well, father’s day is just around the corner, I’ll be back for sure, to celebrate Dad’s Birthday and also Fathers Day.
Photos will be shared here so that my brother who is in Beijing can view it as well. I’ll keep everyone updated.
All the best everyone, and have a nice day~

I better move back to my work, have to start all over again for magazine…
Haiz… both of my PC’s hard Disk corrupted. Bad luck indeed. Wish me luck.

Happy always everyone~
Here’s a funny game that I would want to share with everyone. I just discovered it somewhere
Aim and shoot !!


.+ s a m +.


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