weekend back to IPOH

I was back to Ipoh for my weekend, skipped Mag tutorial and headed to Pudu terminal earlier so that I won’t miss my bus back to Ipoh that I’ve bought few days before that. Reached there around 4.05 and theres a lot of people crowded inside, it’s raining heavily and everyone wants shelter inside. Well, as usual, checked for the bus number and waited for my bus to arrive at the Platform 17; (Sri Maju Express)
The bus reached 20 minutes before 5 and left sharp at 5. Nothing much, lucky there wasn’t any jam at the highway, was planning this trip back for the occasion of celebrating dad’s birthday and also Father’s day. I was wrong to say that it was that week, but the actual week for Father’s Day was next week. Well, I’m not too busy, maybe I’ll pay another visit back For your information. I enjoyed going back, I love IPOH, I love my house, I love my Parents, I love my Car, I love Taekwondo, I love Love LOVE!!!…. the food.
KL life really sucks, besides more entertainment, the food here are lousy, can’t really find homemade food, sometimes I have no choice but to cook on my own. Although it might take me hours to prepare, and it costs more, but the satisfaction when tasting it is very very very…. high.
Well, went back, mum picked me up, took Micole out as well, Katri carried her sitting behind, went back and had my dinner. Played with the little one… and mum took her to bed around 9. After that, I watched movie with dad “Just follow the law” a movie acted by Gurmit Singh. A very funny comedy. After the movie, we went to bed around 12, I woke up at 7am, went for Taekwondo class at RPS, hang out at grandparent’s house and headed home. Not much plans, the next morning, went out for breakfast with parents, after breakfast, me n Dad polished our cars . He polished his Luxurious Benz while I polish my Beloved “Old-chunk” (dad said) AE92.
Mum called for me, went in and had a bowl of “Tong Sui” Dad’s birthday (Chinese calendar), took my bath and went to G’s house.
I reached G’s house around 1:00p.m., picked G and Christine and headed straight to Jusco, rushing there to catch the movie that we were planning to watch
“Ocean’s Thirteen” (trailer)
::here’s a trailer on the movie::

Danny Ocean (George
Clooney) and the gang would have only one reason to pull off their most
ambitious and riskiest casino heist—to defend one of their own. When
ruthless casino owner Willy Bank (Al Pacino) double-crosses one of the
original Ocean’s eleven – Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould) – Danny and
the gang team up one more time to see if they can break “the Bank.”

When we reached, somehow one side of the route up to the parking lot was closed, so there’s only one way up. Somehow, a girl lost control of her car and her car reversed. Well, Malaysians aren’t patient, the car behind “which was a Honda” couldn’t do anything but to face with an accident. LOL… cos he was too near. Good for him, but the bad thing was, the roads, on the left and right side was parked with cars, no way to move aside, and they block the road, and those fools came out talking about the car. DAMN!!! I wanna watch the movie and you’re blocking the road. Get lost somewhere else and settle it somewhere else. As I’ve said, Malaysians… I started Horning
Well, thanks to Louis for change the horn siren for me, it’s very very loud now, and very effectively, the quickly get back to the car and moved away after realizing they were “Owh… I’m blocking the road”
I was so pissed, I wasn’t in the mood to move up anymore, as there were too many cars. Went to the side road and planned to park somewhere outside and walked, but thanks to GOD, I found a parking.
Side parked, and rushed to the cinema, we managed to reach on time for the 1:35pm movie. Bought our tickets and went straight in. After the movie, I send them back and went home.
Nothing much happened at night, had our dinner outside, dad was so in good mood, asked mum don’t need to cook and eat outside instead. Well, it’s kinda fun weekend.
I’ve took some videos of Micole, very funny videos, but I only uploaded this. Owh… and a photo of those stupid people blocking the way! See and avoid this from happening please.
Micole is learning how to speak now, and she only knows how to say “Papa” but in this video, she said “Mum Mum” but was suppose to be MUM. Anyway, enjoy.

Motiono by potterleong87

Here’s a photo that I took “Quick shot” at the scene.

I’m sure those who’ve been to Jusco will know this place very well.

I’ve just had my hair cut on Saturday, and I took this picture when I was driving. Very nice angle.
Well, more to come.

all the best to everyone.
.+: sam :+.


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