Mr & Mrs Pang’s Wedding~

On the 2nd of June, it was a special day for Mr & Mrs Pang ‘s special day, well, to give everyone a more clearer view, Mr Pang is Steven and his beloved wife, is Yan Feei. Well, I know they are a very loving couple, should have got married earlier, but maybe people would say it’s too early, even now its still too early. Steven is 20 and Feei is 19. Damn young for my point of view, not my mom’s view la. LOL. We were invited to their house for a wedding dinner. First friend in my list to get married and first time giving ang pao on behalf of my mom.
6 cars went there together, Gabrielle on the lead, Chris, Martin, OPX, Lee Ming, and also Kai Keat.
Those who attended in our gang was Gabrielle, Danson, Marcus, Rachel, Sam (which is me), Chris, rYnz, Christine, Jennifer, Martin, Lip Wei, Kai Keat, Jothan, Opx, Andy, Xydra, Sasa, Minnie, and Ang. Did I missed out anyone? Well, those who did not make it was Audrey (she had a high fever, poor thing ) and bunny as she had some problems need to be settled.
We reached there sharp at 7pm. The most punctual of all and the earliest, even more earlier than their siblings. Well, they had a little buffet at home cause they wanna save up the budget. Well, everyone did not know what to buy, so everyone gave RM20, except me n Danson. I dunno how much rYnz gave, but I know Gabrielle made 2 bears for Feei as a present. Very nicely hand sewn.
The buffet was fabulous, and the PORK!!! Wargh… my saliva is flowing out from my lips now… muahaha…
everything is so nice, salad, fruits, ABC, OMFG!!!

after the delicious dinner, we had some photo shots, and I recorded a video.

Sam & Chris 

Sam & Opx; PEACE, aikes, OPX peace to who? lol… this is me, the fat one
I was caught on camera snapping someone else which was rYnz. LOL, thx. It’s very nice.

Happy Wedding to Mr & Mrs Pang

A video about Mr Pang giving a sweet kiss to Mrs Pang

Motiono by potterleong87

Group photo, this small kid here, appeared from somewhere and seemed to enjoy staying with our gang. LOL, cute buy a notty gal yeah.

A group of Leng luiz… My face is blured, hm… cos the topic doesn’t relate.

Yum Seng without glass, without drink. First time in history and the lousdest among all.

Another weird scene. I appeared looking somewhere else, lol

2 Leng Lui and me, Jennifer Sam & Chris

GOSH, I took picture with loads of leng luiz… Sasa Sam & Xydra. All leng luiz eh..

The Leng Lui-est Lui in the dinner. Yan Feei… TADAH, and me
Well, alot of sweet & sour memories been through my college life with Feei. Well, of course, the sad thing is she left us; but I’m happy for her. She’s going to be a mom soon. I am happy for her future of course, although we can’t become classmate anymore, but atleast, we’ve been classmates once before. And we shall be Friends Forever. Don’t forget me oh..~

regards and lots of love,
sam BB~


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