growing up

Well, Ken just sent me some photos of Micole (my niece) that was taken on her 1st Birthday in Beijing. Photos were professionally shot in at studio, quite nice. Now I look at her photo, it reminded me about mine. How quickly I’ve grown up. Really quick, just a blink, and poof! I’m 20. Looking at Micole’s photos, it was just the day when I was waiting outside the surgery room where sis-in-law was giving birth to her. And now she’s 1.

Micole and beloved loving daddy

sitting like a princess on the royal chair * poof* I’m born out of flower~

wonderful smiles

sometimes… you enjoy looking at them doing those silly and funny things, there were trying to act out what we are doing… beware~

Well, I have to admit, I’m getting older and older. Can’t rely much on parents now, have to really start to take care of them. My turn eh? And this Saturday, sorry to dad as I couldn’t make it back to Ipoh. I’ve promised an Important friend of mine that I would attend her wedding dinner. She’s a year younger than me, and I’m happy for her of course, for getting married to a loving husband. Well, the photos of her and her real life really looks different. Maybe it’s because of photoshop? haha… well, I would like to share it with my friends đŸ™‚
Happy Wedding

Yan Feei and Steven.



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