Idiot Malaysians

Well, as a Malaysian myself must admit that YUP, Malaysians sometimes suck, with their terrible attitude no matter where they are, driving, at the cyber cafe or anywhere. Yeah, we are proud with our country, with so many religions and races living together happily, but no one knew what is really happening, like the RIOT during May 13 1953, well, don’t want to repeat the history, cos half of it is FAKE. Yeah, government write to protect theirselves, write all the good things for the young ones to learn, but they never tell the truth.

Well, I suddenly felt like talking about it as I’ve just face with an incident similar to this yesterday. I was driving my beloved car to RPS as usual, Saturday for Taekwondo class. When I stoppen at a roundabout, I signaled my car to turn right as I failed to move to the right lane before that, one bloody IDIOT almost bang my right side back part as both of our cars e-braked. Well, since nothing happened and we stopped in the middle of the roundabout, I thought well, just forget it. Well, this malay/indian (mixed) hot tempered, stupid, stubborn, no morality guy wasn’t happy about it. I’m sure everyone know what he did next, yeah, he chased me behind and asked me to stop.

Okay, so I did. He came out from his cheap “Kancil” and started screaming, I winded my mirror and stared at him, he started scolding, “Are you bline” , “Pukimak”, “Ma Chau Hai”, malay scolding other language? LOL. I did not say a word, since he is so hot tempered, maybe too stressed, I gave him a chance to express himself, but the part that made me angry was the word “Pukimak” and he said me “Lan Si”. I stepped out of my car.

One more word, he’s going to die. Lucky he is not a stupid guy, I was in my Taekwondo trousers, and I wanted to kick his ass and teach him a lesson, bullying girls huh? He say one word and left in a hurry. Damn! He ran away.

Well, what my point is, people nowdays don’t tollerate. And they are not taught in school, I wonder. Goh said I should have wrote down his car number so that we can really teach him a lesson at his house. Well, we are human beings that are taught in school, we learn moral and we are religious people. Not like those uneducated people. Learn to forgive~


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