1 month unavailable

wow, it’s been a month since my last post. Well, during those few weeks, I’ve been enjoying my holiday, went to Redang for 3 days stay and have been going through my Taekwondo championships. Sorry for the late post. I’ll catch up. So just make it fast. Photos will be up soon

photos :: Redang trip

Laguna Redang Beach… what a nice place


the trip to Redang with the Sot-plug airline crew was fun!!

my first time snokeling

I like this picture… I’m looking into the mirror

Danson and Sam

In the boat out to the deep sea for our snokeling experience

taken in the hotel nice eh… I like my hair

First Invitational Taekwondo Championship PERAK (MTF) 2007.
photos :

cert of participation


sam & Neo acting stupid?

Shan wen n Sam

haha… on the stage…

our team members who participated

Sam & Nikki

A photo that I captured and edited specially for NEO

well, thats all 🙂 


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