1 more day… countdown to REDANG~

Ahaha… yesterday slept at 5am, thought could wake up later today, but opx woke me up around 10.30 telling me about the magazine. Need to take it and pay it up cos not all of them have enough money. So, Sam Goh came pick me and Beng up around 11 and we reach there around 11.30. After checking the pages, opx, minnie and jen left, left me there with sam goh and beng . . . they were kinda fussy, so they reprinted. Waited until 6pm only finished everything. Well… everyone is afraid to fail. Then, Sam Goh belanja makan Yong Tau Fu…. Beng belanja drinks, and I belanja “Fried Carrot Cake” hahaha…
After reached home, started on my marker final project which was photography, need to snap photos and do an Ad.
photos ::

photos show : this is the 2 photo that I choose for my photo montage. (BEFORE)

This is after…

bored while waiting for them… so snapped myself

magazines… mine is Sideways magazine… all about drift. I love the editor’s page

minnie n opx checking on their magazine. And new modern printing machines at Danson’s parent’s agency.
They print like we photostat. Fast and High Quality.

After the printing, finally had dinner….

photos was taken a day before… OPX enjoying his chop chop chop

chris ordered “Stoneage Rice at Kim Gary” and Chris’s Successful Reverse parking, one time reverse and straight in. Perfect Park :p

this weird stuff is called “EGG IN YOUR FACE” unique name and delicious

we were chatting just now, and suddenly opx started asking us to use an icon to represent that we are excited. everyone need to put this logo in at the back of our sentense

well, i can’t wait to go to REDANG…. ahahaha… see you guys around~



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