moody week….

I went back to Ipoh on Saturday after class, and Chris plus Shin Shin followed me back as well to do some photo shooting on Food where we are doing assignment for Marker Visual. We chose Food as our topic. Ipoh is famous of its food. Plus, they’ve not really been there so just tour them around. Took them to few places and did a lot of things. Well, I felt really bad and sorry for them as they need to follow me wherever I go and also have to wake up very early these 2 days. I need to go for my Taekwondo class as I’m participating in a pomsee competition next week, need to train my Koryo plus the stances, I need to drive them around so they can get some stuff back to KL, I need to go to the hospital to visit my grandpa as he is ill, I need to meet up with my senior as this is a must, I still need photos for my Drift Magazine. I need to do this and that… My time is full, and I only get to sleep 6 hours max. And drive whole day. Hope both of them are satisfied with this trip.

Chris & Shin shin (shadow reflection*)

sam chris and shin shin at railway station IPOH

I reach Ipon on Saturday around 6pm, I wanted to do a blood donation for grandpa but I was too late. The blood bank was closed. Bloody lazy people. Well, I can’t say anything, It’s private. And I’m bloody angry with the stupid doctor who was supposed to operate grandpa and clear out the cancer in his colon “USUS BESAR” for your information. His colon is 80% infected and I’ve told dad not to send grandpa to do this operation as he is too old for this suffering. Operate and Not operate is the same. He will leave very soon. I’m afraid that he couldn’t stand this suffering. And after operation the suffering is double the suffering before he do his operation. I can’t say anything, as I’m just his grandchildren, his sons & daughter are the ones to decide. Out of 8 of them, 2 disagree and 6 wants him to get this operation. Grandpa still doesn’t know about it.
I think it’s not fair for not letting him know. I think he has his own choice to choose. Paying RM30 thousand for just a bloody operation only clearing the 2 giant cancers our of there is just a waste of money. Not clear the whole thing. Plus the doctors nowdays suck. Only know how to cheat on other people. Yes, I understand but the way he service the patients, I’M NOT SATISFIED !!! And I’m going to take action if anything happens. I SWEAR.
Grandpa was send into the hospital on Thursday, said he need to clean up his liver (not sure) and have his operation on the next day. On the next day, grandpa did not get his breakfast, fucking doctor, around noon, he told dad that the operation will be hold on Tuesday. FUCK!!!. If you can’t operate so many patients, don’t fucking accept it. You think we’re millionaire? The bloody operation costs 30 thousand, not including the staying fee, plus this shit and that.
Bloody doctor, I asked that weather he ask this stupid doctor about the percentage of successful of this operation, and what that stupid doctor said was “You ask like that, means you don’t trust me? I am a specialist in this operation, I’ve operate an old woman even older than your DAD, she’s 90 and she survived” Stupid shit. Grandpa is already 83, I rather spend the money and let him decide what he wants, if he want to return to China, I would send him back and fulfill all his dreams. I won’t bloody waste my hard earned money on this kinda bullshit doctors. Well, its up to them. I can’t stand looking at him suffering now. He hasn’t have his operation and yet he is already suffering so much. Aunt told me on Saturday when I return that grandpa only smiled today. I think grandpa knows whats going on. I wanted to donate a packet of blood to granpa, but my last donation was not even almost full 3 month, the hemoglobin in my blody is not yet fully recovered. I couldn’t donate to him
My tears can’t hold when I see him lying on the bed. Much much more thinner than before.

Well, hope Grandpa gets well soon.
photos taken in the hospital ::

Sad looking and suffering grandpa

Cleaning his liver

Dad is just like grandpa, whenever he gets a little injury or he did not slept properly (due to old age) they will get injury easily, look at grandpa’s hand, the needle is in the middle but the bruise is around it.
He look sad lying on the bed… haih… I hate hospital as well.

not only grandpa looks sad, even all the patients in there too looked the same. Please take care of your helath to have a better and healthier plus happier life. I cried when I saw the old grandma lying on the bed next to grandpa. She can’t talk or give any respond. Just stared at his son when his son visited him. Felt really sorry for her and my heart sank when I look at grandpa. I’m so weak

hope to see you out of there looking healthy when my next return.

regards and lots of love ,


2 thoughts on “moody week….

  1. Neo here, when looking your blog about your grandpa really feel sad….. Are u ok, my friend? Got anythings want to share just tell me lah…… Although can’t help but at least can realise mah…… Hope u can handle it lah…..
    WHat hospital your grandpa stay? why so many people share one? THe GANASAI doctor very fuck one lah…. If i know his name, i sure promote his fucking name as well in IPOH>>>>
    How’s your grandpa after operation? hope to hear good news from u loh….
    GAMBATE!!!! hao mun
    from NEO

  2. I’m fine. Thanks for your concern. I’m glad that there’s lots of people paying attention. I appreciate it very much. He’s in the Ipoh Specialist.Operation was done today and it was successfully done. Doctor said he’s a tough MAN, he manage to go through it and does not need to be in the ICU. Thank GOD for giving him this strength. Really hope he can stay much more longer. I’m fine, don’t worry. You take care as well. My warmest regards to your Grandma and family.See you around. miss you always…my friend, NEO.

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