What a DAY

Sorry for the delay again… thanks for waiting
Well, this time, I’m going to talk about what happened yesterday which is on the 4th April 2007.
Few days before that, we’re busy doing the finishing touch ups for our marketing product, which is a multi purpose bag that we can change its skins so that we don’t need to spend loads of money to buy different types of bag.
This bag can carry with different ways, hand carry, sling, back pack.
You can flip it open and take out the inner part to change it to a normal empty black bag, where you can take it to your work. In short, we can go shopping and also go work without changing bag
Well, Vincent was quite happy with our outcome of this product, 5 person in this group.
Leader which is rYnz, and members are Xydra, Sasa, Lee ming and I, Sam.
Well, can say quite an excellent job as our group has only 5 person and we did quite a big project where me and Xydra sew the bag, where the rest did the marketing plan and also PowerPoint.
Some group didn’t even show out the mock-up product, just show slides and their images in the slide show.
Well Done everyone

Photo taken after presentation ended.

sam n opx syiok sendiri

after presentation

my usual work. SS. act cool.
After Marketing class, we went to Asia Cafe for our dinner, only few went.
Those who went were 9 of us which were OPX, Ang, Andy, Hwei Chen, Sasa, Peng Cheong, Xydra, Chris and Me. After we finished our dinner at Asia Cafe, OPX suggested to have some desert at a opposite “Tong Sui” shop which was named A-Kan Vision. We were kinda f
ull but intend to try out the stuff there, so we ordered a big bowl of “Zhap Shuet” (mix Tong Yuen, Cincau, Redbean, Greenbean, Mango Pudding… etc.) for 4 person.
Everyone just have a little sip and taste of it to try out the new stuff.
When I was recording a video, one by one of them holding the big bowl, suddenly I heard a loud crack. When I turned and look, one of the round glass table where we joined it earlier had broken into few pieces and luckily enough, Xydra was so lucky where her leg is out and the big piece of glass was on top of her Heels.
The boss of the Shop ran out and asked weather everyone was all right but we felt really bad for breaking his table. Xydra ordered a glass of Sour Plum drink.
The boss took a photo of us tasting the nice “tong sui” and printed it out for us to leave a signature on it. Then the photo was pinned up on a softboard in the shop.
When we almost finished everything, the Boss came out with a plate and gave it to us. He asked us to try it where that bread is toasted and applied with butter and sugar. It tasted very nice (this toast bread is not yet in the MENU) which makes us the first to taste it.
The boss there is really a nice and friendly couple from Taiwan, they also asked for phone numbers and also email to send us the photos and also call us up if there are any nice promotion.
Thanks, we had a great time.
A memorable day carved in my brain, and also this xanga.
photos taken::

1st edited by BengBeng, 2nd one not edited and third one
edited by Sam.

Xydra with her Sour Plum juice

Sasa holding the big big big big bowl “Zhap Shuet”

Minnie signing the photo


me and the boss’s wife

The tasty toast BREAD.

Videos from the *crime scene*


oh yeah, rYnz wanted me to edit this photo, so I did.

Here it is 🙂

hope you like it rYnz.

thats all
stay tuned.


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