busy busy day . . .

Well, although it’s Nabi’s Birthday today, and although it’s a public holiday, I still have loads of work to do.
Packaging work which I have to submit on Monday, Marker Rendering + 4 berol for Tuesday, Presentation for Marketing on Wednesday, Packaging critique on Thursday, Magazine Design critique on Friday, need to go back to Ipoh on Saturday to do my interview with Felix. What a harsh week that it’s going to be.
Well, wish me luck and hopefully, I won’t fall sick.

a very very busy day where I have 2 meetings at the same time. 2 conversation on msn at the same time. My head almost burst. Figuring what is what and where is where… I need to wake up early for news shooting tomorrow. Hope I stay in one piece. Dear parents, I will stay tough. See you all soon.

as I was checking my friendster account yesterday, I saw this funny AD, FU-YOH for DIGI’s new plan.

see ya around~
s a m 哥哥


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