First Experience

Well, it’s been 2 weeks since my last post, well, I did much these few weeks, just lack a little bit time to blog it in. So it’s considered as belated. haha..!!
Well, last, last Thursday, me and few friends went to “Maison”, well, Chris invited me to go, I’ve never been to clubbing in my life, should try it out. Well, we went there around 11pm. The whole gang went, around 4 cars. Haha! Thursday, ladies night. So, urm… no need to pay.
Well, I don’t understand what’s so fun bout it,  but to me, that’s my first and last time going, don’t really suit me. Mamak suits me more.
It’s so hot and crowded in there, but I like the music, loud enough. Muahaha… but when we left, I lost my voice
On the next day, I went back to Ipoh, due to exploration week, so just go back and relax abit, since sir’s holding grading at RPS for RPS students, it would be good if  I helped it out. So I did. I came back to PJ on Monday.
here are some photos taken :

photos taken at Maison
:Angel & sam
:Audrey & sam
:Neo and sam
:A stain of the chop when I enter Maison

:Tony started to get hot after 3 hours there… start shaking…
:Royce the BEST dancer of the night
:Look at the crowd
:san n Chris “SS”

:Chris & Royce posing
:Syaza & sam + Aud’s half face behind
:The lovely couple

I met my Net Friends there (we went together) Friendly friends
Wippo jie~; Angel jie~; Sam & a mysterious gal, I forgot her name :p

Photos taken for grading
:sam taking over the grading

:sam being caught in pic peeping on someone
:Sir acting cool
Sunday training at RIGPA centre

:Kero & sam
:Kero acting weird
:Kero posing

Drifting with GOH driving Mercedes Benz

Last Tuesday’s Presentation & Social Etiquette, Ms Emiliawati required us to wear in formal.
We were required to write a comment about those around us, how formal they wear, does it suit them?
I was somehow most being said in the lists…
lots of quotes
the one most shocked me is “sam looks like the Queen of MAFIA
here are some shots :
Photos taken :
:2 leng lui beside MR Foo
:2 leng lui besode sam Dai Kor
:Kilim jie jie pose with sam
:YUP!! Everyone points at ming

:Froggie n rYnz
:Lou poh & Lou gong posing
:Froggie hiding rYnz kissing
:sam n rYnz

:Beng beng sam rYnz
:BengBengG & samSamG
:sam “No No, don’t SNAP!”
:Beng in dreamland
:Xydra suspicious look
:rYnz n sam


Look Like those partner after signing contract :p

this is me and my lecturer “Miss Emiliawati:”

This is me, after presentation class, had a little photo shooting at home.
So that I can keep it. FUNNY!!

well, thats all for now, more nice ones and cool updates will be coming soon . . .
stay tuned and thanks for visigin




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