Take a break

Well, after Saturday’s class ended, I had a short meeting with my presentation and social etiquette group, after that, I went back and packed my stuff. Well, finally after few months, I’m going over to Aunt Sharon’s house. I did not go there for years… well, due to work, Chinese New Year holidays, I kept “fong fei kei” her… hahahah… When I told her, I’m coming over this weekend, her reply was… “See how lo, listen first ar!!” This time, I really want to keep my promiss. And so I did! I left home around 6 and went to Kelana Jaya, took LRT and stopped at University station. Well, I did not want to take a taxi, so I walked all the way up from there to Aunt’s house. It took me around 50 minutes as the roads are steep and narrow, so it’s best to walk slow and careful. When I reach there, took my bath and had dinner, nothing much then, just sat and watch the DVD I bought from Asia Cafe few days ago “Barnyard” with my cousin Elysia. Aunt Sharon was out to her friend’s house, she went with her husband which is my Uncle and her daughter followed as well. Left Aunt Reggena and Elysia. I went to bed around 1am, and woke up at 8 the next morning, we plan to go swimming at the pool, but by the time the kids finished their breakfast and all, it’s already almost 10, the sun is hot, so we postponed it to the evening, we went for “Yong Tou Fu” instead.
It’s been 10 years? My last time tasting Ampang’s famous Yong Tou Fu. Muahahha…
here are some photos taken ::

Aunt Sharon walking into the shop

Yong Tou Fu

Fried Dumplings…

Soup Dumplings… the dumplings are very big and the fillings are great…

looks delicious… muahh….
It’s very nice… there are few shops there all are Yong Tou Fu shops…
but Aunt said this one is better, the taste is better, not so oily.
Well, satisfied 🙂

Well, after that, nothing happened much, went home and waited for the sun to set.
Swimming time….
so long didn’t go swimming, not really sure weather still remember it

Uncle putting on the floaty for Paige

Elysia in her Diving suit :p

Sam and Elysia

my Aunt, she looks like those world swimmers… cool :p

Sam; just came out of the pool… Chris say my face shrank … did I ?

well, few days back… Tony came and took us to Asia cafe for yum cha…
and we were shock to see this photo.

Tony’s car is the middle one, 3 Savy parked nicely…
but of course, the cleanest and newest is Tony’s car…

well, his photo was taken on Friday, Chris & Sam in the bus, going to Mid Valley to meet Angel.
Chris’s second time taking bus 🙂 wakakaka…

Last week, during presentation and social etiquette lesson, Miss Emiliawati asked us to write a resume for job applying…
wakakaka… they need us to put photo too, but no one put, as a creative designer, we shouldn’t only put a box and write photo here” we draw 🙂 lol…
here’s what I put in

haha… nice eh 😀
Did I really changed? People say my face look weird…

taken inside Tony’s car
let me show you the transformation ok 🙂

:: ::  :: 

well, except the tongue, did my face change?
or let’s see, any similarity with these people below…

this is dad

second brother

bog brother
So how? Same? Yeah~ wear specs =.=||
Well, no matter how I look, like what my friends say, it’s still me

sam & neo

rYnz and sam

LOL, well, that’s all, I’ll keep updating… thanks for dropin by
I bought a comic that day, and I found this very funny,
have a closer look and see what they wrote
the Green man’s name was “Green Tea”

well, all the best yo…
please leave comments or drop a msg at the chat box.

sam DaiKor


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