fun week~

Well, this week seemed to go on just like one blink, so fast everything came and past, and so fast, it’s already Thursday. Well, this week, I don’t really feel much stress, as most of the work were did just the way I planned, and the mood is quite nice… I wanna apologize to some of my friends who kept visiting in here and kept waiting and hoping for new posts. Well, here’s the update!
Monday, nothing really happened, did my marker and also Berol, and we had photo shooting session on Tuesday, here are the photos

well, I like the 3rd one… the composition looks better, but I’ll change the color cos it’s too red.
Presentation class was quite okay, we had a mission where we have to write our CV. Quite interesting and fun, I’ve actually learned it in secondary, but kind of forgot 🙂 Marketing lesson was as usual… nothing much.
And recently I heard everyone talking about a new song,
entitled :
well, I’ve heard it, sounds nice as well, the lyrics is nice and I’m proud of it cos I’m part of Ipoh also 🙂

Ipohmali feat. DJ Fuzz & Jaclyn Victor of Malaysian Idol
Composed and lyrics by: Point Blanc
Produced by Point Blanc for Voyeur Records
Co-Produced by: Major RE for Voyeur Records
Beat programmed by: Major RE for Voyeur Records
Publishing: So Fly Publishing Sdn. Bhd./ EMI Music Publishing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Check the site for more information 🙂
Link to the site :

thanks for visiting


hope you enjoy this song, click Play to hear it 🙂


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