Gong Xi Gong Xi pt. 2

haha… well, I have not finish with my CNY part, well, after that day, I still went out for some fun and also there are still alot of things that is going on….
here goes :
well, I tried to upload with xanga video, but it failed almost 4 times, I got fed up so I uploaded it in Youtube instead.
The videos I’ll put it at the end of this blog okay…
here are some photos: 

on the 24th, it was my birthday following the Chinese Lunar Callendar… hehe, well, in the morning, mum woke me up with a shock, she suddenly smacked my hand with something… haha… Ang Pao lar… for birthday, last year, she changed my ring, add on some money and bought me a nicer one. This year not planning to, cos the Gold price is raising and raising…
Well, Dad drove me out as usual in the morning, we had breakfast
2nd bro Wai and sis-in-law, Sis Janice already gave me another Ang Pao for birthday few days before CNY.
thanks thanks, kam sia kam sia. This year’s Ang Pao is much more than last year’s, cos all my brothers are married and I got double Ang Pao from 2nd brother and mum.
around RM400. thanks thanks everyone ^^
I’m not going to get married for anoter 30 years until I collect enough
mum would be disappointed I guess, but I’m sure Dad preferred me to stay around with him. Just had that strong feeling. I really enjoy chatting with mum and dad, but if Dad scold less and decrease his voice, it would be better and I can gurante that I am going to Hug Dad every morning I see him
Well, he’s still my dad, can’t say anything, thanks for all the love and care all this years…
I’ll do my part after I graduate, I want to do better than my brothers, I want to take care of you, I want you to enjoy your life, stop thinking about money.
This is my wish for now, and I will do my best to make this Wish come true.

me in the car, we are going out for breakfast
really looked messy and ugly, pimples, long long hair… and fat fat but new T-shirt,
a birthday gift from my Best friend Neo,Kacee,Siew Ooi, Mei yee, Phooi Kwan and also Joey.
thanks guys …. This is my most expensive shirt in my cupboard in history . . . adui~

THE DRIVER :: Dad’s new car~ Mercedes Benz 300 ; a very long car, really felt like those “Dai Yi Loong” Boss sitting in this kind of car. haha…. of course, expensive cars looks nicer, classier, and the feeling sitting in it is different.; but not all…. my Toyoto is nice as well, just that…some problem with the air-con, Normal air at day time, and Super cold at night time. sot~

haiz… Dad got thinner and thinner than he used to be after that stroke attack.
Stubborn Old Man, smokes all the time… If you don’t stop, your life will get shorter…
pls don’t !
haiz… you can’t blame him, he smokes since 7 years old, if not mistaken…
almost 54 years, how can you say stop… its already a habit. He say his brain won’t function and he feel stress without smoking, anyway, just make sure you are happy ok 🙂
Well, after breakfast, nothing much, I stayed at home, and mum suggested not to cook for dinner
I know my mum’s style, she hates cooking, but she forced herself to cook for the family, respect* She really sacrificed a lot for the family, in order for the children to grow up and be a good person, she Beat us although she hurt her heart, but in order to make us GOOD, she did that. I’m not one of them 🙂 I was too scared to be beaten, just the guys. hehe… oh yea, I did, once, caught stealing, I hated them for not giving me money to buy stuff, I chose to steal dad’s money. “sorry mum”.
Mum also forced herself not to watch TV, everyday, wake up, make breakfast, send us to school, clean house, cook lunch, pick us up, send us to tuition, and then home, cook for dinner, check homework…
I can’t do that if you want me to. No TV means no LIFE; I really pay my BEST respect to mum for doing that just for us.
ok ok… so dad say okay… and we went for Restaurant Teow Chew for dinner…
It’s been such a long time since we last ate there, ordered my favourite Claypot Lou Shu Fun… yum yum…wah… beh tahan…

wah… my saliva leaking… muahaha

can’t resist it… ate 2 bowls

a very weird looking but tasty malay style Fish…


dad say today is my special day, he gave me drumstick :p, but usually also me eat one lar… just taht now dad no GIGI, kekeke… I prefered chicken wing instead, since he gave me, just eat lo

“Shuen Mai Choy Dam” nice, but I prefered them not to cut it so small, it would taste better with the whole leaf itself, don’t cut it so small lar =.=||
After dinner, we went back, it was a chilly day in Ipoh, raining at the same time 🙂
I was bored, so I took a photo when dad was stopping at the traffic lights.

Well, on the next day, which was Saturday, I went to RPS as usual for Taekwondo class, well, at least now the school is encouraging the students to be active.

since I’ve started writing blog, I carry my digicam along wherever I go, I just snap anything that I felt like to be shared with all my friends, well, like what my brother, Ken said, how come your blog all also FOOD?
Nyahaha… Ipoh “lang” must share Ipoh’s delicious food with KL people, let your saliva leak leak, come Ipoh I bring you tour la ^ Don’t be too kampung, and also for my brother, Ken who is in Beijing now to feel the environment and also the celebration here in Ipoh. Make sure you’re back next year to celebrate it with us.
If one person is not around, I don’t really feel it’s fun for chinese new year, especially we are family, Losing one makes it incomplete, just like a puzzle.
So, those who are out there, bear in mind. I really wish next year would be a better one.
On Sunday night, I helped mum outside of our house, preparation for the praying ceremony that we have every year that we call ” Bai Ti Kong “, the 9th day of Chinese New Year, only Hokkien people pray for this occasion, others also have, but some do it in vegetarian style. While we do it in meat style :p
Well, since this year, Ken is not around, Wai is busy, can’t make it, left me, mum and Katri.
3 of us started opening all the “Wong Mou”, “kam” outside from 10pm. Louis was excused due to his injured leg.
3 of us struggled opening almost 3000+ piece before it reaches 12am.
But in the end, before it reached 12, dad and Louis came and lend their hand. Should have came earlier ^^
here’s a video that I recorded when it reaches 12am, we prayed and also foods & fruits on the table 🙂

of course, what we can’t miss every year : ” Sieu Yuk ” nyahahaha… used to order 2 pigs every year, due to economy problem, stupid Pork seller raise the money each year until now it reaches almost RM500 for each.
Chi sin !!! Plus, no one around, not many people eat, mum just ordered a part of it only 🙂
Good, You no come back, You no eat.

Argh… this make my saliva flow out of my mouth…
that small part cost RM180. See, foods must be appreciated, I wonder how much they will charge when Pig is going to get extinct ? lol, I dunno.
anything else that we missed? Yeah, videos…
ah! and another interesting part, dad need to take medicine everyday, as I’ve mention on top, I found this packet of pills were very interesting and attractive, so I snapped it;

but of course, seeing dad taking this pills makes me sad too, I can feel that all the elderly people, the sick people who take medicine, they hate taking it, thats why we must take care of ourselves, I can’t stand it when I see my grandma taking her pills… more than 10 one time, worse than you eat smarties…. and it taste awful.
well, everything GOD gave us are so nice and wonderful, why did you want to spoil everything, just go ahead with your wonderful life, why steal, why kill, why suffer in the end? Live life peacefully is enough, don’t think too much.
End it with a happy ending is the best thing, but can we? Depends on you yourself…

Video taken before reunion dinner : Preparation before dad comes out :p

Video taken during reunion dinner : Dad so funny

Video taken on the 1st day of Chinese New Year~

Thanks for reading~


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