Gong Xi Gong Xi

1 week holiday for Chinese New Year celebration so fast have to end . . .  really enjoyed it and I wished it would last longer… but anyway, the more I spend time enjoying my holiday, the worse I’ll get when college reopens coz I still need to deal with all the assignments given…. sigh…

but anyhow, I wanna share some of my Chinese New Year mood with you guys… what I’ve been through these few days… here’s the photos…


the maid lady adding something to the agar-agar…

CNY2007-005 CNY2007-006

close view of the agar..-agar… lots and lots of them O_o

  CNY2007-019 CNY2007-017

red ones… agar-agar added red color, and the white one is milk ^_^ and mrs Leong is busy pouring the liquid into the mini bowls before the agar-agar cools down and turns into hard agar-agar…


a mini card from Kacee


mandarin oranges and also agar-agar before it is boiled and melted…


well, this year, it’s first time my mum planned to have steamboat for our reunion dinner…

Preparations were made and everyone tried to keep this secret from letting dad know, well, just feared that dad would be mad and doesn’t like it if we have a steamboat at home, before he starts scolding, we just keep quite and act stupid. :p well, it was very successfull…


“mum can we have it again next year ?”


a funny joke that mum told me.

on one morning, which I’ve forgotten the date, I drove mum out to the market to grab all the stuff before CNY, here’s the joke, she ordered 2 chicken from an old granny which she rare this chicken on her own, she gave this paper to mum, when mum came into the car, she started laughing, I ofcourse was curious, hehe…

weird huh?

RM25 + RM26 total up isn’t suposed to be RM51? She wrote RMRM5.10 instead. ROFL… funny shit., but I do n’t blame her, mum say this old granny is not really well educated, luckily she still knows how to count abit, . . . but funny tough…


cute pao that we call “miku”, this one is much more smaller than the usual one, this is almost the size of an orange. Really cute…






Bowls and chopsticks that we only use it once a year…. ask mum why

CNY2007-071 CNY2007-070

grandpa and grandma…(Ahkong and Ahma : Dad’s side)

CNY2007 097

grandma (popo : mum’s side)


A very cute and nice ang pao envelope which aunt stephanie gave me, Chipsmore…

now you see it, now you dont? :p

CNY2007-073 CNY2007-074

mum was kinda bored, she decorated almost all the trees around the house with ang pao envelopes and also ribbons…. =.=||

CNY2007-075 CNY2007-076

decorations, decorations…. zZzz….


two of my cousin sisters who just came back from Singapore for CNY ~


21th February 2007

reunion with school friends…


from left : Mei poh, Seow Yann, Gaik

stand from letf : Neo, Sam, Jeannie….

thx for comin`


BRUNCH at Repulse Bay

foods that we ordered

CNY2007-085 CNY2007-086

chop and chops…

CNY2007-087 CNY2007-088

salads and spaghetti…


ice blended mocha and cheese bake rice ordered by mocha of course :p

 CNY2007-091 CNY2007-092

although not many of them came, but I guess they have their plans, thanks to those who manage to make it~


mei poh was caught red handed when Neo’s singing, she started jumping on the chairs….


 CNY2007 099

I finally got rid of my long hair today (22th February). Feel cool again… nyekeke….

see ya soon…

thx for dropin` by



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