boring Valentines day…

Well, I assume that everyone know what day this is today… 14th, of course, it’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone who had relationships will be going out for a very memorable date? haha… yeah, I guess so. Well, being single here in PJ is kinda boring this year… well, nothing to do… consider boring… just chat along with friends and pack all my stuff, preparing to go back to my hometown tomorrow… I have 1 week break for Chinese New Year holiday, so I guess, I’ll be missing 1 week’s blog. Well, don’t miss the update after that… see you all around, Happy Valentines Day and also Happy Chinese New Year to all, enjoy your holidays~
miss you guys, take care

My horoscope for today, wonder what it means?
If you’ve been trying to achieve something but haven’t been successful
yet, today is the day to search for new tactics. Look at all the
possible ways you can approach this situation — and choose the option
that is the most intimidating. Subliminally, you may be seeing
opportunity as pressure and preventing yourself from accepting a new
challenge because you are afraid you will fail. But you are much more
capable than you give yourself credit for. Be confident!

haha… a snek photo captured when rYnz is dreaming?

a belated birthday gift from Shea Leen & Jackie ^^ thx guys

a very nicely hand made card from rYnz jie jie~
thx thx…


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