I received a present from her on my previous return to Ipoh, she gave me warning that I can only open the present on that very special day, which is today. Well, I did what she told me to and kept it until today…
Nothing much happened today, just like usual… wake up, class, lunch, come back, do work, sleep…
as usual…

I didn’t even notice the time when suddenly my phone rang,
it was her calling me…
we had quite a long conversation, I’ve read the letter that she attached to the present, she wished me at first, but I was shocked to hear her voice, she had sore throat, vomited and suffering very badly, she couldn’t even talk properly, I couldn’t stand it, she kept on saying those happy words, trying very hard to pronounce each word, but I know that she is suffering deeply, I tried asking her to hang up and rest, but she insisted to continue until around 30 minutes,

I don’t really mind if no one really wish me or what, cos it’s nothing… just a birthday, just for us to remember, thats all, but I don’t know why, after hanging up, I started to cry…
I’m really happy that a lot of people wished me, those who don’t really know me well, those who were far,
and a lot called me. THANKS!!!
I don’t really know what to say, but really sad hearing that she’s sick, and yet she did so many things just for me thanks, take care, hope to see you soon and I miss you.

To all my friends~ thanks and I LOVE YOU guys ~
I can say, this is my best birthday ever, and also for 6 of them who celebrated for me last year, thanks again~

.*: right now, it’s raining, GOD is feeling the same to what I’m feeling… I don’t know weather this is sad or happy~ but I know there’s a meaning of this sudden heavy rain~ :*.

loads of thanks to all especially to “HER”.

sw sam FOREVER .*- L & M U-*.

this morning when I woke up at 12pm, I found out that my phone is full wish sms ~>.<~
thanks everyone… 39 ppl wished me, I’m so happy !!!
Even my sis-in-law remembered ~
I’ll treat you guys after CNY, thanks…


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