My BEST Birthday in 20 years~

well, rYnz and Vinz came and pick me around 4pm, planned to go 1U for shopping … erm.. for some CNY clothes, well, obviously, it looked more like rYnz was the one shopping, haha… coz the clothes there are quite expensive, well, I manage to get one shirt at Reject Shop which cost around 20. Okay lar… I guess…

This was my 3rd time to 1U, a very big place, well, as I’ve told rYnz, if I’m lost, I would cry, coz I’m short and I have never been there before…

We went and have my Brunch at Old Asia, while waiting for our friend “samson” and “danson” to reach, so we eat first… hehe… samson came after that, but he did not eat, cos he say he ate. Danson was kinda late coz he came when we already reached 1U. Plus, Sunday sure a bit jam.
hehe… thanks a lot for taking me out, and thanks for spending me for lunch Vinz.
Well, my first experience on my birthday going out, and so far, everything went on well, 2 more hour, and my birthday ends, well, I’m glad that I have so many wonderful friends, I don’t want you guys spend money on buying present, well, all the sms you all send make me very happy. I can say that this year is my most special year…

I’ve just lost count  . . . can’t remember how many . . . lol… thanks again ^^
Here are some photos taken…

my stupid ugly long hair . . .

rYnz in the car
dunno what mee rYnz order                 sam’s lamb chop
Ice lemon tea                                        vinz’s char koay teow

      Vinz                                                   rYnz
      rYnz again….                                 samson
      Ong lai water                                 limau ais
    rYnz enjoying ong lai water

sam dai kor and samson didi` :p

After reaching home, I suggested to go yum cha at mamak… but I did not know they were hiding something, summo I go ajak… BODOH. Jump into sendiri korek punya hole !!!
Well, I was drinking and chatting, suddenly chris came with a plastic bag, Nah, this one for you from us,
I dunno why my face so fast blushed… red red…
Then I say tq tq , but they kept asking me to open, then I say dun wan, open at home la…
then Chris say Tony wan to see, coz he haven see… ok lar.. buka lo…
mana tau… suddenly one PIG jump OUT !!!. Lucky I was facint the other side, and lucky I did not scream…
haha… and Samson didi did a very nice card for me !!
Thanks guys…

photos photos :

me, hehe… The 20 year OLD LADY

A present given by : Chris & Tony, Chai Yen & Marcus, Audrey, Chen Cheat, Jothan, and Ying Hui
thanks ^^

back of the bag

wishes from…

chen cheat & jothan

Marcus, Chris and Audrey

Ying Hui and Chai Yen
Bag & Present                                             When the present pop out

A vodeo on this littel gift . . .

something I bought for myself, a hp bag n a cool key chain

hand made gift from her

Hand made gift card from Samson didi

I love this one… from Samson didi also…

TQ everyone…

I don’t care, must list down lar… all those ppl…

let me see….

Shan Wen & Hui Wen | Syazwani | Gaik | Siong Yi | Chris Chung | Yu
Yang | Yoke Heng | Yan Feei | Steven | Audrey | Chai Yen | Jen Sern |
Tony | Fadzil | Jackie | IRC Bryan | IRC Kar Vinn | TKD Kenneth |
Samson | Asyikin | Seow Yann | Sis Janice | Keari Jie | Phooi Kuan |
Ming Huah | Chen Cheat | Jothan | Lip Wei | Ying  Hui | Zhy Ling | Kaye
| IRC Lee Hing | Chin Lee Peng | Shea Leen | US David | Yew Chin | Fs
King of the World | Danson | Vinz | rYnz | Kian Ming | Helene | Xydra |
Cho Chang | Penny | Caral | Nicholas | Marcus | Christine | Huey Bee |
OPX | Mun Si | GOH | Mun Heng | Andy | Tharshini | FS Crazy Crawl | IRC
babygal | nsk | Ryan |  Indonesia Marchel Henry | Evon | TKD Kelvin
Liew | FS Lucky | FS sanzo | FS Dong Liang | FS Suelin | FS Dicky | FS
Benjamin | FS Aileng | FS DICKY | FS Zack | Chyuan Zhi | Ai Xin | Sis Agnes | FS Lissa | Pei Mun | Dora | DG55 class (thx for the wish n singing) |

well, so far this is all the ppl that wished me, if I left anyone, please don’t be sad. Well, really thanks ^^
Love you guys . . . . and thanks. I never really expected all this. Take care~


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