Blood Donation 2~

Well, yesterday was our second trip (together) to SJMC, this time, it’s not for community service purpose. It’s just donating for fun~ Just wanted to clear out all those dirty and bad blood cells before entering the New Year,
don’t remember? Chinese New Year is just around the corner…
well, this time, we had 3 more kaki. kakaka…
The last time we went was on the 7th of November 2006, this time, it was so lucky also 7th but February 2007.
haha… so ngam, well, since rYnz car took for service, opx had to pick her up, we left TOA around 2.30pm and reached rYnz house first to pick her up, then we headed straight to SJMC.
Those who followed opx car was ::
opx (himself : driver)
Jen Sern
new kaki / members
Beng Beng G

Chris went on her own after her lunch with her bf Tony, unfortunately, Tony couldn’t donate due to very terrible sick… pity pity… nvm Tony, we go again in May

I don’t wanna write more, as all the stuff is almost the same, just post some photos okay…

photo shots :


xydra’s first time …

me n ryna before blood donation.  . .

after the blood donation, OPX, rYnz and me went for Ba Kut Teh dinner coz everyone ffk us, T_T
at first they said wanna go Lou Sang !!! You all very BAD !!! TIPU !!!



after it ended, OPX send me home while rYnz’s bf come pick her up~   
Everyone!! 7th May we go again yea~
hehehe…. have a nice day all~  


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