Chai yen’s Birthday ~

Well, Chai Yen’s birthday was on the 6th. Well, it’s been 2 years, as a classmate, as a close friend. We went through a lot of good and hard times, so we’ve decided to give her a surprise, well, probably she’s suspicious of something but at least what we’ve planned went on smoothly…
I was planning to hold a surprise on my own, “mana tau” Marcus was faster than me !!
Well, I was on my way for lunch with Chris, we met Marcus halfway holding a large plastic bag which inside can obviously see is a box of cake. I can recognize the label of the bag ~
I stopped him, oh yea, tonight how?
He replied, could you guys do me a favour? Just help me plan what to do, maybe we go give her surprise at 12 okay?
Okay~ I replied, I’ll call you and let you know where to meet. Bye~

Well, Marcus is normally busy, can’t even see him for almost really long time, but as Chai Yen’s bf, at least spend some time with your girlfriend on her birthday please… Luckily he’s not those idiot guys… who ignores and forgets everything. He still sms and reminded us about his girlfriend’s birthday. Muahaha… you are lucky man!!! If not, I’ll kill you. Don’t you dare hurt Chai Yen’s feelings…

So I called Chris & Tony, Ying Hui, Me, Marcus, Audrey and the rest are Kai Yen’s housemates which I don’t really know their name. That night, Chai Yen had to be at their house due to project work…. Everyone knew about this… Just pretend to be stupid and act nothing… kakakaka…

11.30pm (5th February 2007) we met up in front of Kai Yen’s house, shh…
camera, prepared, we lighted the candles, slowly sneaked inside.
Chai Yen was sitting at the living room, doing her perspective…

kkk… 1 … 2… 3…. (everyone sang LOUDLY)
Well, Chai Yen’s reaction was shocked for the voice (not us coming, she might have expected that)
those ppl who live there came down from upstairs…
well, Marcus bought a Tiramisu cake… hmm.. nice !
everyone got a piece and had a little photo session, finish eating, and Thats It!
It ended around 1 hour if not mistaken…

photos taken :

Ini Kek SEDAP~

yum yum ! Chikulut

congratulations ! You’ve pass the test, now you can eat !

did grandma ever told you not to eat while standing?
and patient should not be eating cake !! :p

two loving couples likes showing off !! lol *joking

ying hui and chai yen

From left : sam, audrey, ying hui, chai yen & chris

Sweet *kiss* from Marcus

myspace codes

well, I hope Chai Yen had a great time, we too had a great time~

cake cutting ceromony


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