the bitch that talked too much…

To be honest, I’ve had it. There is something that I really had to say before I burst into pieces, about a bitch that talked too much. I wonder she is still alive in this world or not? Probably she’s being raped by thousands of guys that think she’s pretty. Yeah, I guess so.
Well, just to express my feelings, and to let some of my friends who don’t really know me well, I am the kind that is happy go lucky kind, You no bug me, I won’t bug you.
Get the point? To let you know more, I don’t really like to have enemies in my life, in my list, so far… there’s  only one. A girl in my secondary school who fucking disturbed my girl. Of course, to be nice, I don’t really care, and I tried to ignore it few times, next, I’ve just gave her a warning. Somehow, that girl did not appreciate the chances that I gave her and kept on irritate and disturbing my girl…
I’m sure everyone have emotions, so do I. I have a better limit of anger than everyone I’m sure. Once I’ve reached my limit, I’ll burst. I really hate those people who talk behind my back. I prefer you to talk face to face with me, so that I know what’s wrong, who’s wrong, and why is it going wrong? Talking behind my back is consider a jerk, or people say coward.
What that girl did was talk behind my back, said if I what… she will what . . .bla bla bla….
unfortunately, she’s being stupid that time, everyone knows I am always in the school library, probably she purposely wants me to hear what she says… and unfortunately I really did, I walked out and stood in front of her.
Well, of course, her reaction was shocked, probably she never thought that I would come out and stand face to face with her. I didn’t really scold her, just asked “ok. Go on, keep talking. I want to know what’s my problem, why you don’t like me, why you keep talking so loud about me in front of the library, and if you have finish, please leave before I have to do something on you coz you are really disturbing others”
She straightly walked away…
I thought she’s afraid, but she’s a damn good and strong girl, I really respect her*
She went to the school hall where she needs to Lind up with the others and talked about me scolding her, I thought she would stop disturbing my girl… but she did not stop.
I really don’t want to do this, but she forced me to…
I asked my girl to give me what ever shit that girl gave her…
letters, hearts, whatever sh*t and keep it until the day that I’m on duty at the library.
During that period, it was their exams, so lucky, the library was just at the same block, the same row.
I sticked all the letters she wrote, all the stuff , every piece at the hall’s wall and wrote her name on it with Marker.
Well, you might think I’m cruel, but the only way to make that fucking bitch to stop is to humiliate her.
Whole school knew about it, she got scolded and I won!!
so, since then, everyone gain piece… until now, whenever I return to school, whenever she sees me, she would either hide/run away…
Well, that’s the only one time that I did so badly to a person…
I swore that I wouldn’t want to do that again…
well, recently, something quite similar happen, well, I don’t really want to let you all know who that person is, and what I want to let that cheebai bitch know is,

And I hope she keeps her fucking mouth shut, before I really hear it one day with my own ears,
don’t push my limit, you won’t be sorry.

thanks for those who read, and thanks for the bitch if she reads, and thanks if she knows I’m talking about her.

sometimes, I encourage all my friends to go out to this world, know more people and experience more,
if you don’t. You won’t understand what’s the meaning of being a human being. coz when you talk, you hurt others by not knowing that you did.

I really felt better after writing this out.
thanks for the attention~


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