Change of magazine topic…

It’s already more than 4 weeks, Leon doesn’t seemed to like my idea of doing Martial Arts magazine, he only kept saying my magazine was boring… I have to do something before I fail this subject, resit and meets him next term. I don’t feel like seeing him twice…

I was quite sad, so I called my senior…
I told him my condition, and he suddenly gave me hope!!!
He advice me to change topic.
This magazine isn’t out yet , Malaysia nor Worldwide.
Your magazine will be the first in this world…
well, I’ve decided to change and start talking about Drift
Yeah!!! Why hasn’t I think of that !!
Thanks… you ROCK

here’s a photo of my senior…(driving his car drifting)

well, he always rock and taught me a lot of new stuff, well, thanks again, I will do my best for the Drift magazine 🙂

btw, I really love drifting, must learn when I upgrade my car *smug*


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