Stalker at Ming Tien

Today when I finished my Magazine Design (lecture) lesson, I have a break between 1-4pm. I was very hungry so I rush to ming tien for my brunch… met up with Audrey and Chai Yen…

Without waiting, I went to order …. hmm… I don’t really have full appetite nowdays, but what was first appeared in my mind was the Taiwan noodles, very nice… but kinda long since my last time having it, maybe more than a month…

The boss not around, but he hired a malay girl to help him out. Well, I ordered a simple Pork noodle, small and I told her that I am sitting outside. Without really realize, the pork noodle uncle was standing behind me… All this while, whenever I walk past his stall or whenever he sees me around… I had a very bad and scary feeling… like those “ham sap lou” the way he look at me… and I remember once when I order Fish Head Mee hoon, I asked weather can change the mee hoon to kueh teow anot, coz opx don’t like mee hoon, this is what he said….
CAN!!! You want what also can… SPECIAL FOR YOU!!!

scary man indeed, but I never really bother until today…
okay, back to the part that I did not realize he was standing behind me.
I kept reminding that girl I am sitting outside, coz I scared she didn’t hear me, suddenly that guy suddenly looked at me, smiling face and replied….
Don’t worry, no need repeat one lar…
Then I say… I scared she didn’t hear me, so I double remind, incase she can’t find me.
and his reply was ….
I quickly walked away . . . .
damn shit lo…
last 2 weeks when I was on my way to PUDU to take my bus back, I took Metrobus…
something similar happened…
As usual, I need to go opposite of Pyramid to take Metrobus number 10/13 to PUDU.
when I went aboard, I did not see any empty seats, so I walked behind and stand at the middle, when the conductor collected money, he point me to the corner, there is still one more seat available, asked me to sit.
So I sat there…
during that time, I was holding a small bag and my bag that I carry behind my back… plus a thick book…
There is one malay-indian(mixed) guy sitting beside me,
he kept on looking at me, but I don’t really care, coz it’s kinda normal…. people look at people…

I was very tired, so I closed my eye and try to have a little nap. Everytime when the bus stops, I wake up, I thought the guy beside me might want to get down…
My destination to PUDURAYA was the last station …. before that is the railway station.

When the bus almost reach the 2nd last stop, that guy stared at me and asked :
I replied, Depan sana….
Kenapa? Saya turun kat depan.
then I stood up and let him out… and the bus driver + conductor was staring at him, he quickly ran down..


Update : 4th February 2007,
one of my net friend just message me and let me know that he was just robbed in a cyber cafe at SS3.
He was sitting inside and 2/3 guys came in. They kept the “parang” in their trousers,  he was shocked when they pointed the “parang” at him. They took his phone and car key. Lucky they didn’t take his wallet. Few people in the cyber cafe fell victim as well.
*NOTE* for guys, don’t think that you are a guy, you are safe. No one is safe now.
on 3rd of  February, a robbery at Poh Kong, Subang Parade.
3 robbers, a security guard and a customer died. NOW YOU SEE :: No one in this world is safe now.
Please be more careful, if you want to go out, make sure atleast 2 person are with you, if possible, try not to go out. If it’s urgent, make sure you are in group.
Do not take short cuts, roads without light. When you are walking alone, make sure it’s a crowded place, make sure you look around. Eyes staring every angel, not only look straight in front.
Observe your surrounding, if you feel something is not right, find someone to come with you.
During in parking lots, if there are van / covered vehicles parked beisde your car, do not go to your car, find someone to accompany you or go in the car on the other side.
Please do not park your car far away from the place that you are going….

If possible, becareful at all time. It’s better be SAFE than SORRY~

I know you might have heard this everywhere, lots of times, but when this thing really happen on you, you will really understand what I’m saying…

must be super careful… or you might be their next victim…
well, I’ll keep on updating… see you all around, and thanks for spending time reading…

sam 大哥 07


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