My special friend~

I’ve promised a very special friend of mine, that I would write a blog specially for her. Well, here this is…
a blog for my dear friend : YAN FEEI …

To many of those who are studying at TOA, you might already know her.
here’s her profile :

AGE       : 19 (2007)
D.O.B.   : 23.Jan.1988
ADD      : n/a
Location : Under the sunshine !!
Job         : College student

well, here’s just a little bit about her, I met her at The One Academy of communication design college where I first step my foot out of my hometown. This friend of mine here is a very talented and gifted child. She’s a very creative friend, a person who never feels sad, whenever I see her, it’s like joining her in the Happy Land…
I never see her in sad / bad mood feelings. Being with her is my most precious and memorable time in college.

She’s a very smart girl, why? I’m impressed, she’s one year younger than me, yet she can do better than me, although she kept on fall sick all the time… the results, her artworks are unbelievable !!!
I don’t really know a lot about her, what I knew was, she’s the eldest daughter in her family, scored distinction in her standard 3 studies which gave her the opportunity to go a step forward than others, she skipped standard 4 and joined in standard 5 instead. A very challenging life for her, well, due to some family problems, she came out and live her own life… when she was 17.
Well, I don’t have any bad things to say about her, as she is really a person that I respect.
She had to stop her college studies, due to money problem, now, she’s working very very hard to earn money for her fee. If , If only I had the money, I had the power… I really wanted to help her out, so that we, together can keep on going through this journey together…
well, I salute her and add her in my special friends list cos I cherish and treasure our friendship. Although it’s short, but what I’ve seen and know about her, and the time that we were together shows that she is a true friend.

If anyone out there, who needs a freelancer, do let me know.
I can introduce you to this very talented designer…
ask me more fore her details, I really want to help out.

words for my friend ::


thanks for all the time that you gave and spend with me, although sometimes I might be kinda rough to you, please forgive me and I hope you will keep pursuing your dreams…
may all your dreams come true, and I hope you like this post that I specially dedicate for you.

Her Artwork :

NKF charity nite invitation cards

Photo shots :

busy do work…

calligraphy class  

Beijing 2008 project (Illustration)

Buddha feei

feei @ sam’s house

BBQ at Jen’s house  (feei,sam,chris,rYnz)

sam & feei


Happy birthday !!


well, hope you like it 🙂

  best wishes and regards ;

sam 大哥’bb


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