Happy news …

2 weeks have past, I went back to Ipoh on Friday because Saturday’s lesson was canceled due to “Awal Muharam”, public holiday, I took 8.30pm bus back and reached around 11pm. Mum pick me up of course.

When reached home, I was very tired, took my bath and had a little chit chat with mum, dad was busy watching television, and mum asked me about how’s the situation of the med’ I’m taking, 1st week was okey, 2nd week was a little suffering, maybe because I ate something wrong, made me vomited for few days, mum ask me to weight myself, the last time I weight at the doctor’s clinique was 85kg (OH MY GOD!!!), after 4 days, I cut down 2kg, which makes it 83kg, and when I weight my weight last Friday, it was 80kg.

I guess, so far, so good. My appetite began to decrease, if those days I used to take a bowl of noodles, now, I can’t even finish 30% of it, kept wasting food, but this means that it is working?

If my dieting is successful, and I take down the weights that mum targets, I can no longer depend on the med’ that doc gave. Have to stop taking and rely on my own, to control my ownself…

thanks everyone for helping and supporting…

I’ll let everyone know the latest news about whats going on around me…

take care~




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