The weird dream…

I went and watch THE PATHFINDER with Rachel, Bunny and Marcus 2 days ago…

Well, overall the movie can say, quite nice and atleast there is a meaning on what the guy is doing.., but in the scene, in the whole movie, my heart kept pumping very fast, there are alot of shocking scenes, where those ugly monster looking human jump out and slaughter people…

I almost die of heart attack watching this movie, well, after this movie ended, everyone went home.

I don’t know why, after I reached home, my heart still pumping very hard, the speed didn decrease … nvm, just go to sleep, plus Audrey went to her sis’s house, so … sleep lo…

When I woke up the next day, I laughed, I told Yan feei and Chai Yen about this ….

Yan feei’s reaction was… no one will understand what you are talking, and Chai Yen’s reaction was… ohoho… (funny reaction) well, here’s what I’ve dreamt of :


In the house, where I am currently renting, everyone was sleeping, my house owner wasn’t at home, so just me and Audrey, almost asleep, I was waken up by a very loud crack ( door open ), it was dark, so I also thought I was dreaming ( dream in a dream ), then someone carry me up ( hold onto my neck ) and throw me to the floor ( not very hard la, coz my bed to the floor also not very high ), I tried to fight back, but that guy in black was pointing a knife to Audrey’s throat, so I stopped and I didn’t know what to do. Another guy in black (those ugly looking human) hit me from the back and I (BLACK OUT). When I woke up, everything was gone, my room was empty, not even the rubbish bin they left me, nothing…. my posters all gone. Door also gone…

=.=” so weird dream… but one think is, they didn’t kill me ( so lucky )


haha… thats all for this story.

I wasn’t feeling well since yesterday, vomited on the day before yesterday, dunno what happen, maybe because of the pill ba…well, thats all for now, Interesting news will be up soon…

so, hang around and wait :p




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